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Ashley Preciado offers several different levels and styles of programs, ranging from individual personalized training to online fitness coaching. Explore what she can offer!

  • Training Services

    Training one-on-one

    Personal Training one-on-one is 100% about you, whether your goal is to lose weight, train for a race; rid yourself of aches and pains or just to gain overall health. In our one-on-one training program, you’ll have access to our private training area where you will work exclusively with one of our fitness coaches. You will receive one-on-one instruction as well as a custom-built exercise program that has been tailored to meet your needs and goals.

    Group Training Session

    Group Training provides a fun competitive edge to personal training. You’ll work with one of our coaches in a group setting where you’ll train with other clients at the same fitness level. Group’s range anywhere from bridal parties that want to coworkers looking to build their team to fitness groups for older adults. We design an exercise program that is specifically tailored to the group’s needs and goals.

    Exercise Therapy & Corrective Exercise

    Exercise Therapy is for a variety of individuals, including those who are either currently in a physical therapy program or are post physical therapy and are looking for a healthy workout routine to continue recovery. This program helps those with poor balance or aches and pains caused by muscle weakness and more. Programs are tailored to individual conditions and goals. Good for all ages.

    Stretching & Tension Release

    Perfect for golfers, tennis players, surfers, cyclists, runners or general sports enthusiasts. Using a combination of 9 different stretching techniques and 10 different strengthening techniques. This will increase range of motion, flexibility, performance, circulation and energy levels. This is a great complement to personal training, exercise therapy, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic care. We design a stretching program that is specifically tailored to your needs and goals.

    Classes: all classes are 30 mins long

    Stretching Class:

    Beginner, Intermediate and Advance classes available. Assessment is required to determine which level of flexibility you are in.

    Rock Your Body:

    Does a fun love fitness experience bringing a competitive edge; designed with a variety of indoor & outdoor exercises. This is a class where you get results, whether it be to lose weight, increase strength, flexibility or just over all health. All fitness types can take the class.

  • My Testimonials

    " Ashley is so easy to work with. She encourages you to complete a workout but knows how to increase the level of difficulty gradually so you aren't exceeding what you're capable of. "

    — Carmen Simentaris
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